Saturday, October 11, 2014

Difference Between iPhone 3G and 3GS

It would be unfair to compare iPhone with other smart phones because of its wide array of additional features and functionalities. With the growing popularity of the Apple iPhone, its applications are also getting popular every day. The iPhone mobile application development scenario has witnessed a huge surge of application developers, courtesy of a multi-purpose SDK and more opportunities to create innovative apps.

In addition, the phone supplies good connectivity options like; 3G HSDPA, HSCSD, WLAN Wi-Fi, EDGE, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, cabled USB connectivity and GPRS technology. A built in Internet browser allows the users to enjoy a XHTML and HTML Web browsing experience on the B7610. It adds up Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 OS and Document Viewer supports Word, Excel, PDF and PowerPoint.

According to the sources Apple is planning to ditch the iphone 3GS in the company of the producer of glossy smart phones tipped to construct the iphone 4 which is its new-fangled blower for beginners. The iphone 3GS went for the sale during summers in 2009. Moreover the iphone 4 was the initial handset that features the retina display technology and now this gadget would be available at a very reasonable price. The iphone 4 would be available to you for free of cost on 20 per month contracts.

RIM's (Research In Motion) Blackberry Playbook will rival the Apple Ipad in 2011. The Playbook supports 1080p video playback, with a 3 mp (mega pixel) front facing camera for video chatting, and a 5 mp rear facing camera that records 1080p video. The display is 7 inches, has HDMI outputs, and a 3D graphic accelerator. The playbook also features a full Adobe Flash supported web browser, and built-in bluetooth/wi-fi.

Adobe Flash Player complements your web browsing experience with possibility to play flash video right in the browser window.

You can capture all your precious moments by using 5-MP camera which consists a number of advanced camera features including auto-focus feature which allows you to capture highly focused shots, Flash, Image Stabilizer, Camera Settings, Video Recorder etc. Additionally the phone is having 3G Video call camera.

It is said that for the upper echelon of smartphones owner this is going to be a top-notch mobile. This handset is featured with the replacement of its Facebook and Twitter integration. Somewhat replaced with Asian equivalents, it is named as Sina Weibo, which is more and Twitter like Chinese microbiology service . HTC China is giving assurance that social media integration will be and parcel of the whole package. The SkyDrive and Tencent Weixin will do with local rules. The new gadget is technically designed with 1.5 Ghz CPU-rocking which is a giant form of all other mobile phones. The 4.7 inch Titan has been updated with Microsoft software which will catch the China market soon.